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What kind of christmas present should I buy for my brother who terminally ill with cancer?

He is 31 with no children. He has been givin 1-2 months to live. We are hoping he makes it to christmas. I know I want something sentemental.

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5 Responses to “What kind of christmas present should I buy for my brother who terminally ill with cancer?”

  1. clotter2006 said :

    how about a scrapbook with photos of him, you and the family of places you’ve been to, special events like birthdays, holidays, vacations, etc.

    I made one for my MIL after my husband’s dad died for mother’s day. I had written the words to the song “Anytime” and for each verse on a separate page, I used photos of him throughout his life including photos of him with the grandkids. She loved it even though it made her shed a few tears.

  2. ♫♥*´`*ღ.Lovely.♥*´`♫ said :

    Give him a journal—now— and ask him to write about his feelings. If there is something he would like you to tell people when he is gone you will send them their page/letter from his journal.Don’t wait shower him with all the love and gifts you can while you can. If there is one place he would like to go where would it be?If he is allowed take him to visit.

    My Mom wanted to go down the shore but she was to sick so we brought it to her 🙂
    Bright colored Beach Towels,beach balls, sun glasses etc…

  3. Stacysmom said :

    When my father was dying of cancer, I bought a book called -Father Remembers (or something along those lines). We spent time recording all of his memories and thoughts. We did it together. My dad enjoyed recalling all of the memories and sharing them with me. We laughed and cried together. There are spaces for pictures too. I copied the book for myself and gave the original to my sister as a gift after my dad passed away. I love looking at the book every once in a while. Its bittersweet. Cherish the time with your brother. I think that the one thing he needs right now is TIME. You can give him yours. You won’t regret it. God bless you.

  4. Beth P said :

    Give him an inspirational book, one that speaks of hope, healing, and eternity. I disagree with a scrapbook of the past. You should encourage thoughts of the future, even thoughts of an eternal future, The book ‘Edgar Cayce – An American Prophet’ authored by Kirkpatrick is a very good book and would be very enlightening. God Bless you and your brother.

  5. Andee said :

    How about something that he wants. Ask him what he wants.


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