What should I include in a christmas gift basket for an older teen?

I’m donating a few christmas gift baskets to a local house that houses women, children, and teens that are involved in domestic violence. I’m wondering what I should include in these gift baskets that the teen girls will actually use. I know what I like to recieve for christmas, but maybe these girls really need something that they can’t afford. Any ideas?

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  1. Tamilla S said:

    as a teen girl i like things like books, lip gloss, good smelling lotions and sprays, nail polish, cute notebooks/journal and pens, earrings ( you can get some good priced ones at Claires or Target/Walmart). Also little crossword/word find game puzzle books. And those really comfy soft slipper socks.
    I think it is great that you are donating baskets!

  2. B. said:

    I think these girls will appreciate anything you give them. Maybe in the baskets you could include candy, a bottle of soda, cosmetics, movies, CD’s, a scarf, gloves, fuzzy socks, a Christmas ornament, etc. You could even write them each a short inspirational note or letter. I hope this helps! You are doing such a wonderful thing for these families! I hope you have a truly blessed Christmas! 🙂

  3. Abby E said:

    Stuff that smells good; lotions and perfumes from Bath and Bodyworks.

    Gloves and scarves.

    Cute notebooks and some pencils for school.

    Hair clips and ties.


  4. RICKY said:

    Every teenage girl is very fashion conscious. You will very rarely find any girl who is not concerned about beauty and figure. So beauty products like mud packs, herbal scrubs and different types of cosmetics are the ideal Christmas gifts for teenage girls.

    For more studious and quiet teenagers you can get light romantic novels. Sweet Valley High series, Mills and Boons and Sidney Sheldon are some of the popular novels amongst teenagers.

    A pet cat or a puppy is also a very innovative Christmas gift ideas for teens. It will save them from feeling lonely when parents are not at home. It will also teach them to be responsible and will also give them company

  5. Tiffany D said:

    If I was a teen who had to go to school and was in their situation I would love to have a basket with maybe shampoo and conditioner, maybe the twin pack of dove deodorant, razor and shaving cream, and some nice body spray. Ohh and some girls have acne, maybe some nice face wash or like Wal-Mart carries these cute one time use face masks that are like $1 I used to love those! Or maybe start with a hair straitener and add some stuff around it. I was raised by my dad and we were poor and sometimes it was hard to get those personal items and I hated going to school not having that.

  6. <3 mathew <3 said:


  7. Numa said:

    I think you should get them A hairstraightner, make up, personal hygyine things, lotions, a movie, maybe some candy and a book too


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