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What are your parenting resolutions for this New Year?

Mine is to have a better more active pregnancy this time around.

Make sure my family eats better this year.

To have my daughter not feel left out when the new baby arrives.

Try not to spoil my daughter.

To be consistent with my parenting.

Take better care of myself so I can take better care of my family.

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7 Responses to “What are your parenting resolutions for this New Year?”

  1. Grandma said :

    It should be no more spanking.

  2. Tina said :

    To be the best mom that I can

    To practice more patience

    To save more $ for the future and eliminate a lot of our debt so as to provide our children a better life

    To be healthy so that I will have more energy, be a better example to my family and be better able to care for them and spend time.

    Congrats and best wishes!

  3. JT3 said :

    Bring my baby home from Korea!

    Help my kids to adjust to the new family.

    Teach my wife patience (it’s impossible, I know, but I’ll try).

    Give equal time to the kids (when possible).

    Find the ME time in the day and use it more productively.

  4. Chivalrous Curmudgeon said :

    I only have one resolution and it is the same every year, i.e., to survive another year! So far I’ve yet to break it but it gets harder every year.

  5. DreadHead Momma said :

    i don’t make resolutions

  6. Daniel's Mum~Due 03/23/2010 said :

    I don’t really have any parenting resolutions that I can think of right now. Like you though, I don’t want my son to feel left out when the new baby arrives…but that is not a resolution.

    I would like to be healthier and lose a lot of weight so that my diabetes can reverse itself(type 2). Once I’m in better health, I’ll be a better parent/person over all.

  7. mattbethany said :

    Well my daughter is only 7months old, but I want my parenting resolution to be to begin working with my daughter on her educational skills. i.e. flash cards, shapes, colors, and to read a book before bed each night.


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