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What are a few good New Year Resolutions?

I’ve always been up in arms as for what my “goal” for the new year should be.

I’ve done the less cursing, be more healthy, be considerate stuff but this year I want to do something new-something I can really stick to.

Maybe not even certain thing but maybe a quote to go by?

Throw anything out there!

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4 Responses to “What are a few good New Year Resolutions?”

  1. Cassidey said :

    my resolution is to forget my past and totally rebuild myself

    my second resolution is to stick to my first one


  2. wnt-a-bby said :

    I’m going to get out of debt and increase my emergency savings.

    That’s an awesome resolution.

    Maybe you should go for being more organized. Or redecorating?

  3. Keila said :

    “You have to fall in love with yourself, before falling for anybody else.”

    This is a good quote I try to live by. Because people (especially girls) get caught up in relationships and pretty much give their life to their partner. And they end up almost dying when it ends.

    ive learned to love yourself. Fall in love with yourself. Eat a nice candlelit dinner by yourself. Buy yourself a new outfit and maybe some flowers. Pamper yourself and tell yourself ur beautiful.

    Then when you meet a guy, you will know what love truly is. And if he doesnt treat you right, you can leave him. And feel okay, because you didnt give him your entire soul. You still have yourself.

  4. Jenny said :

    My New Year Resolutions is save money & make good Bank Balance by using different money saving methods like


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