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What are you going to get your baby for Christmas?

I have a 4 month old, who will be 7ish months old by Christmas. I just wondered what you moms with babies around that age are planning on getting them for Christmas. He doesn’t pay all that much attention to his toys now, but I don’t know how much that will change between now and Christmas. But I don’t want to tell everyone to just him clothes because that’s really just helping me out, and not really for him. What do you guys think??
Thanks everyone! I hadn’t thought about getting him books, or the Baby Einstein DVDs.

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11 Responses to “What are you going to get your baby for Christmas?”

  1. Yvonne said:

    I was thinking books and clothes. I know everyone else will get him toys. He’ll be 4 1/2 months at christmas. I really want to get him a collectible or something to remember his first Christmas (more for me probably)

  2. Jane Magnolia said:

    savings bonds with a little rattle or small toy would be perfect. The clothes are surely for him too, doubt he’d enjoy being naked in the winter!

  3. Alex said:

    well my daughter will be about 10 and half months by christmas…and I plan on getting her just a few age appropriate toys. My husband and I decided to get her a couple of things she needs for her stocking, like a cute bowl and spoon set or new sippy cups…things like that.
    I am just going to ask for clothes or gift cards from everyone else. Her 1st birthday is less than 2 months after christmas, so I don’t want to get her a lot of toys and overwhelm her. I think for a baby, two to 3 toys would be enough…they don’t really understand it yet.

  4. rosie babayyy! said:

    my son is the same age. he doesnt take any interest in toys right now either. for christmas we plan on getting him an exersaucer, a booster seat, and some skill building toys. books are always great too.

  5. taxas_cowgurl said:

    how about one of those push mowers that go poppop? it is good for that age cuz he will be trying to walk by then.

    look thru baby mags like American Baby, they have lists of age appropriate toys for babies!

    mine will be 1 yr old by christmas, and i am getting him that chair that has all the things that talk on it…

  6. JacquesG23 said:

    An iPhone. All the kids have one these days.

  7. ♥ ~Isabelle's mommy~ ♥ said:

    I am getting my little Izzy lots of touch and feel books, some warm clothes and jammies and then I saw this “baby’s first doll” by fisher price it has a stroller to help your little one walk with and I think I am going to get her that. I am also getting her a shape sorter and some wooden blocks. She is going to be 8 months at christmas time

  8. Sophie's Mommy said:

    I am asking for books for our daughter. And I am waiting to see where she is at developmentally to see what toys will stimulant her the most… but if she does get toys that are too advanced I plan to wrap them up and save them for her…

  9. Tara said:

    My godson was 6 1/2 months last christmas and i got him an exersaucer and he absolutely loved it.

  10. SWILL said:

    Some Baby Einstein movies my daughter has watched them ever since she was a couple months old they are very educational. She will be 2 in november and she still watches them.

  11. Stephanie C said:

    My son will be 6 months at christmas and I plan on getting him books, clothes and some toys….I think at that age is when he will be really starting to play more independantly…I have already got him a little music set (Bee Bop, at cosco or zellers) that is geared for younger children..And I got him a couple of the amazing animal sets…I am planning on grabbing a couple more toys, im trying for things that will help him develop…Another thing I am getting him that is basicly for me is a new car seat because by then he wont be fitting in his baby one probable!!


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