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How are your christmas preparations going on?

N how are you planning to spend the day tomorrow? Going out, at home with family? N why is the christmas log cake prepared? Any story behind?

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2 Responses to “How are your christmas preparations going on?”

  1. Madison said:

    home with a very big family we are going to bake cookies and go to mexican food (we cant go to church because my parents are jewish) plan to bring out all of the presents cant wait for that wrapping 🙁

  2. cute.grl said:

    Well, tonight I’ll be going out and then tomorrow my whole family and uncles, aunts, cousins, and my gandparents will be at my place for brunch. I have already baked cookies and fairy cakes. N as for the girfts, then everyone will be receiving theirs tomorrow 🙂 the christmas log cake is prepared because as tradition wants it, long ago, people used to cut trees and then decorate them. But now, everyone have thier plastic christmas trees, so th adhere to tradition, a christmas log cake is prepared to represent the trunk of the christmas trees. See the similarity between the circular designs of a cut trunk and that of the christmas log cake.


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