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What are ways one can save money when shopping for Christmas Gifts?

Late November and the month of December is a busy time for retailers nationwide in the United States as Americans purchase Christmas gifts from both family and friends. Although this is the time of giving back to others, as a result, many Americans spend more than they can afford, charge too much on their credit cards, and go into debt with their charges.

What are some suggestions you would give to a friend in order to save money during the Christmas Season?

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8 Responses to “What are ways one can save money when shopping for Christmas Gifts?”

  1. $so fresh so clean$ said:

    Pay with cash or debit cards because credit cards are mostly a ripoff and you end up paying high interest and things you really don’t need. Also, take a part of what you would normally spend and put it into a high yield savings account.

  2. JediMaster said:

    Frankly, give experiences instead of gifts.

    Gift six weeks of tanning to get ready for the summer.

    Go out to lunch, the movies. Give them a gift of skydiving adventure

    If your friend has kids, give them a coupon of your services for a night of free babysitting so they can go out on a night on the town.

    Fix a couple weeks worth of homemade frozen meals for the elderly/disabled person.

    Get a 3 month, 6 month or yearly bus pas or a bunch of bus tickets for a low income person you know who’s always taking the city bus.

    Make a goodie basket of snacks and popcorn and some coupons to a local video store for free rentals.

    Donate $20 bucks to a local nonprofit in their name.

    Above all, be realistic. Ignore the urge to outdo your neighbors and friends. Kids don’t need mounds of toys to greet them Christmas morning. 3-5 toys each is more than enough.

    Stockings can be filled with quirky, (and cheap) one of a kind stuff found at flea markets, party supply stores, thrift stores and dollar stores.

    Take back the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a time to be with family and friends and to be grateful for what we do have, not be upset with what we can’t have.

  3. voluntarheel said:

    Use only cash – you’ll spend a whole lot less and you’ll be guaranteed not to go into debt.

  4. jwhall60 said:

    All of the answers I read to your question were good advice. However, the question was not how to save many on gifts but how to save when SHOPPING for gifts. Do you take risks. Wait until very close to Christmas. You take the chance that an item you wanted is sold out. Many times the stores you visit also have an Internet site. Often better pricing is found on the same items in the store because of lower overhead costs. Many gifts you may want to buy also come in good, better, and best. Do you know the range the person you are buying for usually chooses? Also big brand named items carry a higher cost. Locate the same type of gift with a more generic label.

  5. bleacherbrat34 said:

    put a dollar limit on spending,,,,

    shop the dollar stores. and outlet malls,
    use coupon’s,

    hand made gifts ( baked goods, hand knitted sweaters )

    and buy a gift a pay day till the holiday season,
    give a book,
    if you collect something pass an item down as a gift ( an example if you collect dolls give some away to your nieces)

    look for buy one get one free deals,

    burn a CD or a movies for a friend ,

    re-use gift bags and bows,

    give a Christmas ornament (they come in packages of 6 or more and divide up upon family and friends )

    for large family’s give a gift card for a grocery store or the movies / video store.

  6. momonster said:

    Buy all of next years gifts the days after xmas
    This year you are too late.
    Dollar stores, but don’t purchase Made in China food related items ie coffee mugs, eating and cooking utensils
    China is paying the USA’s debt with money they get by selling us product. We buy from them, they buy from us, everybody happy—Yes?
    Or be like me.
    Don’t observe.

  7. Christopher P said:

    For one thing, there isn’t any reason somebody can’t enjoy a homemade gift as much as a gift from the store. The problem is that during the Christmas season, many forget what the real reason for giving gifts is. It’s not to impress them with how much you spent on them, it’s not to show up the other gift givers with your expensive gift, No, it’s to show love and appreciation for the contribution that that person has made to your life, and to show that you truly want them as a part of your life, and they aren’t just an acquaintance. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy, it just has to come from the heart.

  8. Cindy H said:

    Use online coupons. They are a great way for saving money around the holidays. I got all of my christmas shopping done and saved money with coupons at


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