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How can a teen earn money for Christmas shopping?

If a teen that can’t work needs at LEAST $50 to buy Christmas gifts, what should he or she do?
Please be creative with your answers!

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8 Responses to “How can a teen earn money for Christmas shopping?”

  1. Max said :

    ask your parents

  2. pursuit said :

    ask their parents if they can get money for cleaning the house
    if that doesnt work ask grandparents if they can clean their house for money

  3. David said :

    Ask your parents for an allowance by doing extra chores.

  4. PSPRocks said :

    get a job, or ask your parents

  5. Punartham said :

    baby sit, walk / sit the pet, mow the lawn, do errands for the families around and be a good boy/girl

  6. arrechavengo said :

    Always buy cheaper things, even it is cheap always buy less. You might regret later you did not want it.

  7. lfc no 1 said :

    Ive came across alot of rubbish sites on the internet which say you earn money and you don’t. Also don’t pay for a site, there are plenty of free ones! This one that I use is free and very good. There are lots to do on it which can earn you points for money, and also it dosen’t need your credit card details or anything like that. You can fill in surverys (after one week of joining) take polls, do offers, and even just by searching the internet!. I would use it maybe for a couple hours a week, and I get like £35/$50 each week! But you could get more if you spend more time, more money does come in when you start to do the surveys tho. You get the money by collecting points them swapping them for vouchers and money (usually get amazon vouchers, but there are loads) . Use this link to join up.

  8. forgivemechild08 said :

    Ask your parents if you can join swagbucks or mypoints. You get points for searches that you can trade in for gift cards.


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