How much money do you spend on Christmas shopping?

Not including childrens Christmas Lists.

How much should one spend if they are buying for 13 people?

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11 Responses to “How much money do you spend on Christmas shopping?”

  1. TOO SHORT said:

    i am going to tell you like this i just paid off my credit card from last Christmas

  2. *Cher* said:

    We don’t buy for everyone in the family anymore because it’s just to expensive. We pull names and buy the person we pick. We always make it $30.00 and up that you can spend on your secret person.

  3. Dani's mom said:

    Depends on how much you can afford. I usually do $50 for nieces and nephews and $25 on everyone else or $50 per couple. Between the hubbie and I there’s 20 just in immediate family, 6 are nieces or nephews so that comes to what??? I suck at math.

  4. Sally B said:

    Well i am 14,
    and so money can get limited because i have to spend my own,
    but it really depends who the person is,
    i spend up to $50 each for my parents and sister and my best friend ever,
    and then on everybody else, no more then $20 each.

    So altogether my christmas shopping normally totals upto about $200 to $300.

  5. TheFlowerLady said:

    We pull names out too but that never means anything. ALL of us go overboard buying each other stuff. We TRY to keep it around $20-25 per person or less. If all else fails, we give gift cards.

  6. peppersham said:

    It varies from year to year this year my budget is $250 for 9 people.I will stay within my budget.That averages out to $27 each.Nice things can be had for that amount.Of course some will be more some less depends on what I find.I also make things this year I am doing live(greenery) centerpieces with candles.So I think you could go with that amount or a tad more and do well shopping.One thing I did when I have alot to buy for is fine one thing for the ladies and one thing for the guys and buy how many I need,saves money,time and sometimes your sanity.! lol.You should not feel stressed into buying it should be a festive part of the holiday.I enjoy my looking and shopping go with a list names and ideas and enjoy!

  7. SteelersGrrl said:

    It depends on who im buying for. We pull names between my siblings and sister/brother in laws. We usually spent anywhere between 25.00 & 50.00 for that “exchange” gift.

    I usually spend about 150.00 on my mom.

    My nieces and nephews usually get about 50.00 worth of toys, plus an outfit and pajamas.

    I think when you have alot to buy for a nice price for each person is approx. 25.00. It just depends how much that you can afford.

  8. ♥Overwhelming.Lady♥ said:

    $90 for FRIENDS
    $1000 for FAMILY (We always go out of the country)
    $50 for CHARITY
    $100 for MYSELF

  9. Diamond said:

    id buy things that are very practical like starbucks card 20 bucks each ha

  10. stone said:

    I spend round about 300$ on Christmas shopping

  11. Classy Granny said:

    I gave up trying to keep tract. Even after cutting a few people out, this year will be around $500


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