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What kind of gift should I get my Chinese Teacher for Chinese New Year?

Is there any kind of specific gift, or specific type of gift that would be a good idea to give to my Chinese Laoshi? Or, is there anything that a student would normally give their teacher on Chinese New Year? She is a really good teacher, and I want to give her something that’ll make her really happy ^-^

Please and Thank You


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3 Responses to “What kind of gift should I get my Chinese Teacher for Chinese New Year?”

  1. iDeaL ✈ said:

    A very nice hair clip.

  2. Miss Peach said:

    A Happy New Year card where you put your best wishes and anything that you want to say to her.

  3. Teacher Trainer said:

    you don’t have to spend a fortune to give a gift a teacher will love. Empowering teachers with something that can inspire teachers to become better teachers is a perfect gift idea. And one can consider an inspiring book for teachers- vision revision: the teachers’ master key to career success”. Teachers like it because the book is primarily a teachers’ guide to career management and retirement careers. You can also consider one-year subscription to the Teacher’s Digest( your dear teacher.


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