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Is it OK to buy your wife Christmas gifts from Costco or BJs?

My dad bought my mom jewelry and a couple of other Christmas gifts from Costco and BJs and my mom was upset.

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11 Responses to “Is it OK to buy your wife Christmas gifts from Costco or BJs?”

  1. DavidNH said :

    Sure, it’s okay. Your mother is wrong to be upset.

  2. Jolly Roger said :

    Was she upset because that is not what she wanted or because they came from warehouse stores? Either way, she’s missing the point. She was being ungrateful.

  3. cheerleader<3 said :

    it absolutely does not matter where shame on her for not apreciateing the gifts!!!

  4. Barbaraas said :

    Tell her to send them to me 🙂

  5. Tag23 said :

    You mom is wrong, if she was married to my old man she would have gotten floppy eared slippers. Hell we all can’t afford high class things.

  6. =] said :

    it depends what it is, and your mom seems to be a little shallow if she was upset and not appreciative.

  7. Jay said :

    of course it is! my dad didn’t even get my mom anything for christmas, and she got him things, because we can’t afford it! Of course its okay to buy your wife things from Costco or BJS! Its the thought that counts!!!!!

  8. ♥ :] said :

    it’s just fine.
    your mother is giving off gold digger vibes !
    at least he got her something. my dad didn’t buy my mom a thing .

  9. rainbowreggie said :

    Costco and BJ’s have awesome stuff! My husband and I go there every weekend and have to restrain ourselves from buying stuff we don’t need! They do have beautiful and affordable jewelery. Personally, I wouldn’t be upset if my husband bought me gifts from Costco. Who cares where the gift came from? Maybe she was upset for another reason and not because they came from a warehouse store?
    If she’s upset about where the gifts were bought, then she’s being shallow and ungrateful and being particularly cruel to your father.

  10. jandismommie said :

    Will your mom needs to stop being so selfish. It doesn’t matter were you get the gift from. He probably saved a lot of money buy getting her gifts from Costco and BJs.

  11. Dogbert said :

    Wow! So what I’m reading tells me that the name on the box or bag the gift comes in is more important than the gift? Or that a 1 ct. diamond from the upscale jeweler means more than the same ring from Costco? If that’s true, then the son or daughter who submitted the question had better watch out because if they aren’t wearing name brand clothing their mother apparently won’t love them as much!


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