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How much should I spend on Christmas gifts for close friends?

Typically I would spend between $50-100 on my closest friends for Christmas, but I’ve noticed every year that my friends would spend between $5-25 for my gifts. Job wise; I don’t make a whole lot and probably earn the least amount of money out of all my friends. I want to be generous for Christmas gifts, but am I being too generous? Going forward, Should I adjust my spending to $5-25?

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6 Responses to “How much should I spend on Christmas gifts for close friends?”

  1. Cowboy said:

    A little late for that, huh?

    Just buy your friends a CD or something. Plus, it depends on the type of friend. If it’s the friend you hang out with but talks about you behind your back and tries to be competitive with everything you do then don’t waste the cash; if it’s the friend that is behind you no matter what there is no limit.

  2. Purdey EP said:

    Do it if it makes you feel better. I don’t usually get too hung up on what people spend. If I see something I think a friend will like, I get it.

  3. baseballplayr339 said:

    christmas is about giving not getting. (don’t mean to sound all wisely (word choice?) and stuff lol but…) you don’t need to get all hung up on getting people big expensive gifts it’s the thought that your giving something that counts. get something that your friends will like but don’t go crazy with the spending – especially if they’re not doing it for you, they can’t expect as much.

  4. daeve930 said:

    Yes, scale back to more or less match what your friends are doing. It can be embarassing for the person who gives you a scarf when you hand over diamond earrings.

  5. Imtracey said:

    Buy something you can afford. don’t buy something and think about it afterward.

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  6. billybobthemonkey92 said:

    Generally speaking, I try not to look at price when buying gifts for my two closest friends. I know one of them definitely never looks at price, and the other will try to match my gift value. But I know they both don’t mind if we look for cheaper prices for the same item.

    I usually feel guilty if my friends buy me something expensive, so I’ll try to match them. I guess all I can recommend is don’t go intentionally looking for expensive gifts. Just like someone else said, if you see something one of them’ll like, just buy that. You don’t have to flourish it up and make it an expensive gift.

    Also, they may not realize how much you’re putting into their gifts. And do you just feel that the gifts you’re getting are cheap? Or do you know? Best not think about that if you don’t know for sure.
    Plus, it’s the thought that counts right?



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