Will Amazon have a sale on Black riday or Cyber Monday?

I want to buy a new mac, and i know apple will have the most useless sale on black friday, but I want to know if Amazon will participate on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I dont have any doubt they will be having a sale on Cyber Monday, but what about Black Friday?

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2 Responses to “Will Amazon have a sale on Black riday or Cyber Monday?”

  1. Alex said:

    Yes amazon will open their Black Friday sales at Monday Nov 23. This is their announcement

  2. David said:

    To celebrate Cyber Monday (Monday November 30), you can buy “James Credits”, … 50th customer to place an order on Black Friday will win a free iPod Touch!hey also have a calendar of just their Black Friday movie deals here. … Shopko just posted their full black friday sale ad on their site! They will be opening at 5AM……It will have a variety of one day deals but they don’t say what they … Some WalMart stores will be open 24 hours on this day, like Amazon is open 24 hours … Chicago Black Friday Sales and CyberMonday Shopping Deals


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