Online, which is better black friday or cyber monday?

Which day is better to get ONLINE deals, for example free shipping or something? Tomarrow or something Walmart is advertising called Cyber Monday, Dec 1st? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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7 Responses to “Online, which is better black friday or cyber monday?”

  1. Luca said:

    black friday

  2. The Princess said:

    I’ve never even heard of cyber Monday! But if it has good deals I’d say go w/ that. B/c Black Friday can be stressful and you have to rush around and fight the crowd of everyone else tryin to get the same thing that ur tryin to get. But it all boils down to which day has the most deals and which day can afford u to the most gifts for ur friends and family!

  3. Summer said:

    Black Friday

  4. babeguhh said:

    Black Friday is better because Cyber Monday is a rip off and is only stuff they didn’t yet sell in the stores.

  5. mansionghost said:

    cyber corwds happy thanks givng from my work

  6. Robert F said:

    My personal opinion Black Friday has the best deals. Just note the number of websites that are focused on it. There are companies that have put lawsuits and restraining orders on websites for getting their black friday ads and putting them on the internet before time.

  7. mariapaola said:

    50% off storewide PLUS free shipping today only!


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