Black friday, Cyber monday and the industrial revolution?

I have to write an essay on that subject but im not sure what to write about. Anyone have any ideas?

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3 Responses to “Black friday, Cyber monday and the industrial revolution?”

  1. tom4bucs said:

    Hmmm – what about start with Remington rifles – weren’t they the first to utilize
    “standardized” parts, i.e. all #4 screws were made the same for # 5 rifle stocks- all drilled the same
    (versus a custom made rifle by 1 craftsman) so parts were interchangeable AND
    Henry Ford – what was his innovation ???? the assembly line – item travels down a belt and each
    worker adds another part to the “puzzle” – they only have to know how to do ONE thing well
    (although boringly repetitious)

    That allows prices to drop and BLACK FRIDAY means the day when stores turn a profit for the year
    so store “make money” earlier

    Cyber Monday is the “revolution” of the internet – – people ‘shop’ on Friday and then buy online Monday

    (sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees – been there- done that)

    all the best

  2. slowmotion said:

    do the essay yourself, brix. i just finished mine, btw. i just wrote about each in three paragraphs and then said the industrial rev. caused all of them in the last paragraph.

  3. Keira Rose said:

    Quote from you:”I know exactly what I have to do but I can’t put it into words”

    ….yeah, you know what to do alright. That’s why you’re on yahoo lol


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