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Where are the good places to spend the New Year in the sun?

My partner I usually have a long city break over the New Year period but this year. This year we fancy a holiday to relax in the sun. I’ve been told the Canary Islands are a good spot for New Year (temperature wise) but we’ve been to both Tenerife and Gran Caneria several time.

Where else has good weather and isn’t quiet over the New Year period?

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3 Responses to “Where are the good places to spend the New Year in the sun?”

  1. Lola said:

    You can enjoy the sun and relax by the beaches of the far east countries. I recommend Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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  2. Carl said:

    Tahiti, Fiji, Guam.

  3. kokey14 said:

    Boracay island, Cebu or Bohol in the Philippines! December and January is the best month to visit the country….


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