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Good time to visit and shop in Seoul during Lunar New Year?

I am planning a week long vacation during this long Lunar New Year starting 25th Jan which is also celebrated by Koreans.

Any idea if the shopping malls and markets like Namdaemun Market will remain open during this period?

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2 Responses to “Good time to visit and shop in Seoul during Lunar New Year?”

  1. LoveSpell said :

    Shopping is always open no matter what!
    I would not go to Namdaemun, it’s not fun really.
    Go to Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, & the department stores like the Galleria [Seoul train station], Shinsaegae, Lotte, & Doota.

    I got back today from shopping in Myeongdong. I LOVE it there. I wish I could live in Seoul, ugh. Myeongdong is the shopping mecca of Korea & It gets the most tourists & ALOT of Japanese go there. They have many american store brands such as American Appearal, Gap & stuff. But, you can get those stuff anytime, and it’s cost almost twice as much for the american stores. They have the best prices in Myeongdong! And SO MUCH variety, you will go crazy. It’s big, too, but very crowded. I spent about 5 hours there, and didn’t go to every shop I wanted to. Myeongdong has 2 department buildings in that area, and then theres Lotte, and Shinsagae not too far. But, you will have alot of fun! Dongdaemun is also great. They have these 3 huge deparment buildings, Doota being the largest, and they have floors, floors, flooors, floooors of shopping. And don’t forget the underground shoppings at the subway stops. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not. But, Dongdaemun has a great underground shopping, and the big road separtates 2 areas of Dongdaemun

    Have fun! Its great here :]

  2. Go Cubs Go said :

    Yes they will be open. They will have many sales too. Good time to go.


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