What day is the least crowded day to go skiing around Christmas?

I am wanting to hit the slopes over the Christmas break. I can only go one day and want to choose the day that will likely be the least crowded. I can go Thursday which is Christmas Eve, Friday which is Christmas Day, or Saturday which is the day after Christmas. Based on your experience, which day do you think would be the least crowded?

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4 Responses to “What day is the least crowded day to go skiing around Christmas?”

  1. show me love said:

    depends where you go skiing
    from my point of view on the east coast, the more north you go the more christians there are. where i go skiing (Vermont), practically everybody there is Christian so on christmas day, the mountains are empty and the only skiiers youll find are Jews and Asians. Also christmas eve later in the day might be empty because everybodys going home early and starting up a fire and get in the Christmas spirit
    so yeah, christmas eve but mostly christmas are your best days to go

  2. EastCoastRider said:

    Christmas day will be the least crowded

  3. Sam M said:

    Christmas Day will be the least crowded (lots of major holidays where people are staying at home have no crowds on the slopes)
    Christmas Eve day will be the next best option
    I would avoid going on Saturday (day after Christmas)

  4. Peter R said:

    Christmas Day, the slopes are almost empty in the morning and it never gets crowded


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