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Around what date do you take down your Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations?

Ours are usually up until January 2nd or 3rd – sometimes later – but always down on or before January 5th which is the 12th day of Christmas.

We put up a real tree in mid December and see that it is well watered. We put up some other decorations which are mostly of a religious nature, and not too many of them.

When do you take down your tree and other decorations?

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17 Responses to “Around what date do you take down your Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations?”

  1. Skyla said:

    Why take it down? The lights are pretty.

  2. Alex said:

    We have a fake pre-lit tree that we take down the day after Christmas.

  3. Darth Eowyn said:

    Usually the first weekend after New Year’s. If New Year’s is on a weekend, then it’ll come down that day or the following week, depending on how hung over I am.

    Since I had the tree up before Thanksgiving this year, it’s coming down Friday.

  4. O8SERVER IV said:

    I’ve done far worse than kill you. I’ve hurt you. And, I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me–as you left her–marooned, for all eternity, in the center of a dead planet: buried alive.

  5. 7th Level of Basement Kittah said:

    Ours usually comes down around January 6th or so.

  6. Tardacus said:

    i dont , i make the wife do it

  7. D'voiCe said:

    Before the end of 6th January – the twelfth day of Christmas.

    December 26th is the first day of Christmas.

  8. Glenn said:

    I usually take mine down right after the new year. When I get motivated enough to get off my fat ass and do so!!

  9. Super Jerry said:

    If it was up to me it would of never went up in the first place…it’s a stupid Holiday

  10. oldernwiser said:

    The only decorations I “put up” are the cards I tape up on the hall closet door. Last year they became part of the landscape and I did not bother to take them down until the end of May when I had some people over for a BBQ for Memorial Day and realized they were still up! My goal is to take the cards down this year by the time the snow is gone.

  11. Elsie Treize said:

    We take down our Winter Solstice tree on Jan. 6th. It’s known as Twelfth Night. EDIT: There are 12 days from Christmas until Epiphany. That’s when the stories tell us that the wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus.

  12. King Mob said:

    Take down my tree?
    What does that mean?
    do people still chop down trees, dry them out, wrap them in electrical wire and surround them with paper products and prop it up near a heat source?
    since I haven’t read about any major x-mas house fires I thought this ridiculous practice had ceased.

    Most dangerous part of Christmas. Stupidest is the mandatory purchasing of unneeded, unwanted commodities, when so many are without food and shelter.

    What a silly people we humans are.

  13. The Passenger said:

    I take my decorations down the day after Christmas. I put them up the weekend after Thanksgiving so by the time Christmas is over and I’ve fixed the ornaments on the tree 4,000 times because the cats knock them off I’m ready to take the stuff down.

  14. Lynnmarie said:

    January 2nd probably

  15. Fifimsp said:

    Well I don’t even get a Christmas tree, but when I was growing up, my mother had that thing torn down on December 26th. She would spend all her time and all these decorations, and everything was packed up and put nicely back on December 26th. She’s a little OCD.

  16. Stella said:

    January 5th, the day after the last day of my current festival. 🙂 (Obviously mine is not a Christmas tree.)

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