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What are some good smelling perfumes for a new year?

So i had DKNY apple last year and now i just need a new fresh scent..nothing to strong but something that smells amazing and will get me off to a new start!! any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “What are some good smelling perfumes for a new year?”

  1. Ashleigh L said:

    Sean John’s Unforgivable for women. It’s my favorite.

  2. strawberrylips said:

    l, a l.a.m.b fragrance by gwen stefani
    it smells so good!

  3. Megan :] said:

    american eagle seventyseven is okayy
    ralph lauren cool
    lacoste pink
    victorias secret dream angels-heavenly, desire
    umm thats all i can think of. im reallyy picky when it comes to perfume..

  4. hihihihihi said:

    hollister so cal…aaaahhh

    or vera wang princess is good

  5. miss.vegg said:

    Escada Moon Sparkle. sounds dumb but is delicious!

  6. holly! said:

    baby phat golden goddes is gooooood. or can can by paris hilton


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