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Ordering online electronics on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

I have some things I have in mind that I want to buy online via sites such as Amazon or Ebay. Would more sales occur on Black Friday or should I wait until Cyber Monday (the Monday afterward)? Do more online sales occur on Friday or the Monday afterward?

I don’t want to buy something on Friday to find it at a reduced price Monday, but I also don’t want to miss deals that would only occur on Friday.

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2 Responses to “Ordering online electronics on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?”

  1. chottan_mottan said:

    Due to economy crunch, lots of online stores are already selling items at a great price. search at,,,,, dealcatcher, dealio, edealinfo, fatwallet, goatapex, rooster, techdeals,
    This site do live search on these sites, so thats why response is slow, but its worth waiting.

    Also, the preview feature rock as you don’t need to leave the site

  2. John Deal said:

    For online, I would wait until Monday. With Black Friday you can get great offline and online deals. But Cyber Monday is just for online deals and a lot of merchants this year are really going to have some great deals on that day, even moreso with the way our economy is, so merchants are fighting very hard to get those customers.


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