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In Italy, are chiacchiere ever eaten at the New Year?

On various articles on the Internet it’s reported that Italians eat the icing sugar coated fried pastry strips known as chiacchiere at Capodanno, or New Year, as well as during carnivale. Is this true? And if so, in which part of Italy?

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3 Responses to “In Italy, are chiacchiere ever eaten at the New Year?”

  1. rltouhe said :

    Chiacchiere are a very light and crispy deep-fried cookie that are typically served at carnevale time. Traditionally, they are served with sanguinaccio (chocolate sauce) for dipping although they are delicious by themselves.

    I imagine they could be eaten on New Years.

    They are eaten in many regions of Italy.

  2. Pinguino said :

    According to traditions, Carnival can even start at New Year’s Day.
    Anyway chicchiere are eaten also during Christmas, although I think mainly in central Italy.
    Still they’re mainly known as a Carnival sweet.

    The same sweetness is known with different names all along Italy; other than chiacchiere they’re also known as bugie (literally, “lies”) in Piedmont, frappe in Rome, crostoli in Friuli, etc.

  3. Irecca said :

    Well, I’m Italian and the Chiacchiere are eaten expecially during Carnevale (it’s 40 days before Ester), and expecially in the north.


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