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Teachers: Have you ever visited your students home before the new school year?

My daughter’s teacher for the new year called and asked to arrange a meeting at my home for next week to introduce herself. She was very nice, and said she does this every year with all of her new students. I have never heard of any teacher doing this before and it seems sort of odd to me. Though I suppose it can be a great thing, because that would mean she really cares about the children.

I posted this in the wrong category earlier, maybe this will be a better area.

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8 Responses to “Teachers: Have you ever visited your students home before the new school year?”

  1. forhathreza said :

    i have heard it 1st time

  2. Michele W said :

    It really depends on the teacher. Some teachers in order to establish a connection with the families of their students will have an open house, sometimes they will write to the family, they may set up a phone call or send out a newsletter. It is the teachers’ way of initiating contact.

  3. Maui Guy said :

    My students are female, over 25 and straight….and anytime is the best time for lessons to be learned…

  4. cobra said :

    I find it a bit creepy. I would never bother a parent. Totally weird, absolutely pointless. I understand that she cares about her future class, but it is a little too “big brother” for my taste. I have had hugely successful and happy relationsihps with pupils without ever meeting parents.

  5. Bill P said :

    The more you know about your student helps a lot with lesson plans.

    I the student has to do many chores around the house there is no opportunity to do homework assignments from class.

    If the family can’t afford a computer then don’t assign work that needs to be researched on the web or typed.

    The neighborhood itself can dictate the methods a teacher my use.

    If the child comes from a family that talks loud all the time and the teacher talks loud, what is said may go in one ear and out the other because the child is used to it. In this scenario the teacher would know a low voice would create a change that would draw that Childs attention.

    The teacher is looking for ways best suited to teach the child not to interfere with family privacy. This is some of what I was taught in Teacher’s College years ago

    She did ask.

  6. Madam Naka said :

    Nice sentiment for sure. I however would politely tell her that she is not going to be invited to our home. If she is available at the school or would like to meet at a park or the coffee shop we would be delighted to schedule time for her.

  7. Relative ease said :

    no, never heard of it…Still I think it is a good thing to do…

  8. hmmmm said :

    Yes, but with another professional. Confirm it with the school.


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