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If my paycheck includes a couple of days after the new year?

Will the money I made on those days be included for my W-2’s for 2008?

Last year a couple of days were left out because my pay period ended right before New Years Eve.

I don’t want to wait until the end of the month to file for FASFA, I want to try to use my last paycheck. But will it be reliable?

Thank you!

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One Response to “If my paycheck includes a couple of days after the new year?”

  1. Suddenly Human said :

    No, it won’t have all the info you need because your W2 won’t have your 2008 tax liability on it, or your Adjusted Gross Income, or your exemptions. Not to mention, if you got paid after Dec 31st then this is income earned in and being counted in 2009, not 2008.

    All your paycheck stub lists is the overall amount you earned from working one job (some folks work more than one job in a year) and amount in taxes they “withheld” which is not the same as your tax liability…. which is what the fafsa is asking for.

    You are just going to have to go back and correct this inaccurate information after you do your taxes. Why do it twice when you don’t have to?


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