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Is it true that Japan celebrates the New Year sometimes for seven days?

I had read somewhere that New Year was the most important holiday to the Japanese, and its celebrations sometimes lasted for one, three, or seven days. Could someone please clarify this for me? Which amount of days is most common, if any?

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4 Responses to “Is it true that Japan celebrates the New Year sometimes for seven days?”

  1. Carl_the_Truth said :

    I think it’s 3 days.

  2. thecheapest902 said :

    How many days Japanese celebrate New Year, really depends on each family. There is no rule.

    Most commonly, it’s the first 3 days.

    Talking about “7 days” matter, I think you read about this custom.

    You celebrate by eating it on January 7. But this is an old custom. Not many people are actually doing it now.

  3. rik said :

    Until the introduction of the western solar calendar, the Japanese originally used the Chinese lunisolar calendar which requires adjustments to the number of days in the last month of the year to fulling align with the 1 year cycle. The number of days in this last month is the New Years festivities – but in modern times, people do not follow this practice. Nowadays, the number of days people celebrate for the New Year is up to them; usually 1 or 2 days, some 3 days, but I have never personally met anyone who celebrated it for 1 week.

  4. Sakura M said :

    It’s true.. It’s quite interesting because when I was in USA they usually celebrate New years just 1-2 days right? in Japan its like SUPER DUPER important and I know cuz I’m Japanese lol.. SO on new years eve, we eat soba(Japanese buck wheat noodle) which symbolizes for long healthy life (not sure if it works), on New years, many people go to shrines to pray and then after that get together with family/friends and eat traditional food (which is super a lot and will make your stomach so full you can’t move an inch after you eat lol), then 2-6 day its just shrines and eating traditional and the best part is a whole bunch of store sales >:D OH and you get fukubukuro which is happy/lucky bags you buy from the stores… a.k.a year end get rid of old things sale.. I missed getting mine this year.. sigh..
    then on 7th day, we eat another traditional food….. which I forgot the name.. lol I don’t eat it too often… but yes so we do celebrate new years for a long time… longer than in USA.. thats why when I came back from USA last year, (I still had my school schedule) and they started school on the 3rd while I start my Japanese school on the 11th and I told myself “oh yeah… duh” lol if that made sense….
    so yes theres the info and if you have more questions about Japan, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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