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How many days does shops at Shenzhen close during chinese New Year normally?

I heard its 2 weeks but need to confirm because I may go there. Usually from which day of Chinese New Year does it start to close and open? Does it open all the way till New year Eve?

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4 Responses to “How many days does shops at Shenzhen close during chinese New Year normally?”

  1. cooltronix said:

    Shops will stay open in Shenzhen. Don’t worry about that.

  2. White Shooting Star of HK said:

    Long hours

  3. Dr. Phil said:

    Shopping is a national sport in Shenzhen, just a little less popular than badminton…

    Stores will stay open, even the outdoor markets…

    White collars and government workers are all on vacations, but not “regular” folks in the service industry like restaurants, stores, etc. Everybody goes out, eating, shopping, hanging out with friends and family, so like Christmas in the West, it’s a good time of the year to increase your sales if you are a shop-keeper…

    Edit: thanks to the person below for the tips on massage places…the hair extension thingy sounds intriguing to me…I think I’ll try that LOL

  4. cutelilsparrow said:

    Shenzhen is a unique city in China. The shopping mall in Lowu (next to the immigration) will definitely be opened. Most shops will be opened too. Restaurant even hires temporary staff from the countryside to stand in for those stuff who are returning home for the CNY reunion. Shenzhen will not be a sleepy town. You need not worry:)

    Metro and buses will function as normal.

    Most massage shops offer free private room stayover in a decent bed with a night package. You can get 3h of decent massages plus free stay (cheaper than 3* hotel) at less than US$5per hour.

    Manicure for both hands US$1
    Pedicure both feet US$2.
    Nail gel extension per 10 tips US$10.
    Hair extension US$0.30 per lock.

    Caution: Please AGREE ON PRICE first before you start on anything. Bring paper and pen to write/draw. They can’t speak much English.

    Have fun!


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