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How does the black friday thing work?

I want to start shopping for black friday ASAP. I was wondering if sale items go on sale on online? I want to buy my sister a digital camera and I know the electronic part is going to be packed so I didnt know if the sale items will be online? and if they are then what time do the prices change?

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5 Responses to “How does the black friday thing work?”

  1. Nicole said:

    I’m pretty sure its only in the stores
    but im not sure i’ve never done it before
    basically stores open REALLY early and theres like hundreds of people that line up for it
    basically everything is on sale
    and they’re pushy and rude[ heard from my grandma]

  2. dreamer said:

    well i don’t think you can get stuff offline but i am not sure what you can get it depends from what shop and if i were you i would get a lot of sleep on thanksgiving and get up very early and beet the crowd of people and nothing would be sold out if you got to the mall at like 5 or 6 it really depends when the store opens

  3. r_ddr said:

    they do go on sale online, there are some good deals already available
    check this out:

  4. hplss.rmntc said:

    It depends on the store… Check out there is a time line of online sales… Some online sales start tonight at 6pm, others at midnight tonight, some tomorrow, and some friday morning… The in store sales tend to be better then the online sales, but it saves you the trouble of facing the crowds.

  5. pinkdot13 said:

    you can to and buy your stuff there
    and YES, some of it is on sale!
    = )


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