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Do Sephora’s beauty points drop back down to zero when a new year begins?

I had over 300 points and I got an email the other day saying I have ZERO! I never even used them! Why is this? I didn’t think they started over after the new year… I’m really disappointed.

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4 Responses to “Do Sephora’s beauty points drop back down to zero when a new year begins?”

  1. Hannah said:

    I don’t think so.. a similar thing happened to me! I had 93 points and then I get an email saying I have 53! I would email Sephora and tell them what happened.. that’s what I’m planning on doing. Hope I helped! (:

  2. angel said:

    i dont think soo

  3. Jenny L said:

    I don’t think so

  4. hey said:

    NO! The points certainly do not disappear.. they’re not supposed to.

    I think something has been going on with Sephora’s system because just 2 weeks ago, everytime I logged into my account, it would say “I was already logged on.” The site also wouldn’t let me make purchases online. I have another Sephora account that I don’t do anything on but that account worked fine!

    When I went to the “My Account” page, it would say I wasn’t a Beauty Insider and my points didn’t show on the little box it’s supposed to appear in. If this is the case with you, meaning it is just blank and doesn’t have any number, then your points are most likely still there. If it actually says “0 Points,” then call up Sephora customer service immediately. I would just call regardless if I were you and tell them what happened. If they tell you that you have no points in your account, tell them you want the 300+ points back in.

    In all my experiences with Sephora’s customer service (and there have been many), Sephora has always helped me out and given me my points. Even when I went on a trip to Italy and bought something in the Italian store (which does not do Beauty Insider), they still gave me the points without having to show any proof! They even converted the money from Euros to US Dollars so that I got ore points.

    If they are resistant to give you your points back (which I doubt they will be), tell them you’ve been a loyal customer for so long and are disappointed in there service, etc.. If that doesn’t work, demand to speak with a manager or supervisor. I guarantee you will get your points back.

    However, I doubt all of this is even needed. I’m guessing that your points are actually still in the system but just is blank.. like how mine is. They might just need to reset your account or something. Make sure you call asap to tell them what’s going on. The number is 1-877-SEPHORA. (1-877-737-4672)


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