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Who has taken down their Christmas decorations?

I normally put up my Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving and leave them up until January 1st. When do most of you take yours down?

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5 Responses to “Who has taken down their Christmas decorations?”

  1. cats3to2 said :

    I use the same schedule and am happy to report that mine are all down and put away and all my Valentine’s day decorations are now out.

    I know some people will wait until after the 6th for Epiphany and that’s fine with me if that’s their belief.

  2. 24/7 [ M.E.M 4L] said :

    My Christmas tree is down and now tammarow I will take down the Christmas lights. I hate taking down my Christmas decorations but sooner you’ll have too.

  3. Paul's Next Wife said :

    Not yet, but pretty soon. My son will be so disappointed. He’s 5 and he was soooooo excited about Christmas this year, and he especially loved our tree. He loves plugging the lights in, and he says it’s the most beautiful tree in the world. It will break his heart when it’s time to take it down.

  4. Spencer said :

    We leave ours up until like Janurary 7th. There is some catholic feast day, i think its called “little Christmas” and we take ours down after that.

  5. mets rule said :

    well we usualy put the inside decorations away a few days after new years(so they will be going down saturday) and the lights go down when it gets a bit warmer(they dont get turned on thou after new years)

    its sad when the tree goes down but you have to take the decoartions down eventually saturday thou when it gets put away the living room is gonna feel empty, for a few days atleast.


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