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Any free concerts in Taipei for the new year celebration this year?

2. Will be in taiwan end of this year, plan to celebrate New year in Taipei. I plan to stay in XiMenTing, will it be too inconvenient to get to Taipei 101 fr there?

Thanks in advance!

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4 Responses to “Any free concerts in Taipei for the new year celebration this year?”

  1. Jawen said:

    Yes, as I said before, there will be lots of free concerts on New Year’s eve- almost every city/county will host one. Taipei city will definitely hold one, but I’m not sure where it’ll be at. Just ask around, or read the newspapers which will usually mention the various lineups and locations. A good English newspaper in Taiwan is the Taipei Times.

    And I’m pretty sure that you can go from the MRT near Ximenting and get close to Taipei 101. Once you get to the MRT station closest to Taipei 101, there will usually be free shuttle buses going to Taipei 101. However since almost everyone will be out on the streets on New Year’s I’m not sure how quick you’ll be able to get there. But at least the MRT will be open the entire night.

  2. Jeff L said:

    I don’t know about concert, please see here first :

    Xi Men Ting to Taipei 101 is very convenient, just ride MRT (subway) from Ximen station “blue line” to Taipei city hall station, then can take shuttle bus to Taipei 101.
    There are department stores & mall over there.

  3. Ajeet M said:

    The Free Street Event will be at The Area in front of Taipei City Hall. The best of Taiwan’s Pop stars should be performing sometimes during the night.After the fire works, there are other events in front of Vieshow Cinema around the corner. it will all last till about 4am. The MRT will run all night.
    Just take the MRT to Taipei City Hall MRT stop and follow the crowd.

  4. MIla M said:

    yes, there are free concert, at the park to welcome the new year , and watch out the 101 in welcoming new years too


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