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Will online shopping ease your Christmas?

Are you avoiding the shops this Christmas? How much of your Christmas shopping is done online? What are the pros and cons of internet shopping? Will shopping at your desk take some of the fun out of the festive period?

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5 Responses to “Will online shopping ease your Christmas?”

  1. Nikki K [MCCAIN PALIN 08] said:

    all of my shopping has been done online!
    i can only think of one con:

    make sure you order the item ASAP, the closer it is it Christmas the bigger the hassle shipping will be

  2. HopeFloats said:

    Yes, online shopping helps me to ease the stress involved in finding the best prices on the items I am looking for. It also reduces impulse buying from being in the store. I have found that it is best for me to search the best deals for items and compare reviews on line. Sometimes I make the purchase on line and other times I found out where I can locate the item where I live if I need to see it prior to purchasing it. It has become a convenient way to shop for me in that I don’t have to deal with traffic, time constraints, saves gas and allows me to stay focused on what I am doing in the first place.

    It doesn’t really take any enjoyment out of shopping for me, I find it more satisfying to be able to research items and get honest opinions and reviews from people who have already purchased them.

    The only cons I have encountered is ehn I find a product that I can’t physically see on line and feel I need a hands on assessment to make a choice and then can’t find that item in a store locally. In those cases, I research the seller and their policies regarding returning merchandise prior to making a concrete decision.

    It’s a great tool in that I can research and then go out if need be to locate the item which reduces my time physically shopping and allows me to spend more time in preparation of other things like family get togethers.

  3. FairyF said:

    Doing online shopping has made it easy to do my Christmas shopping, Mostly got CD’s and DVDs online as cheaper also other things brought as well so that’s a pro the con of it is sometimes postage and packaging and can cost to much on some websites so this is something to watch out for, Haven’t totally avoided the shops have also got some good deals in the shops, I think its all about looking round and comparing prices.

  4. Kk H said:

    My parent rarely buy stuff from internet
    They don’t trust internet shopping and be conscious of identity theft
    I am underage so I can’t have credit card… so I buy stuff in stores

  5. Anna said:

    I often shop online, this is my favorite site:, its good site, great products, fast shipment, good reply, good service. I get many benefits, like save my time and money. I really like it,


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