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Did ya do your Christmas shopping online or in the stores?

Do you have a preference:
Online shopping or shopping in person at stores?

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7 Responses to “Did ya do your Christmas shopping online or in the stores?”

  1. NoraKate D said:

    I do both. Sometimes I can’t get to the stores. There are certain stores that aren’t at the mall and i have no time to get to them so I go online.

  2. Liz said:

    Online =] i don’t have any way of getting to stores for the moment, lol

  3. K123 said:

    I prefer to do my Christmas shopping at stores. That way I can get it right away and don’t have to worry about paying for shipping and handling or it getting lost or broken in the mail.

  4. Kris H said:

    I did most of my shopping in the stores, but I did buy several things online.

  5. Vashti said:

    I do both.

  6. mykatesmom said:

    I did almost all of it online this year ( I cashed in my bucket of change in the coinstar machine and got gift cards (no coin counting charge that way!), and did all my shopping on Amazon. Free Supersaver shipping meant I didn’t pay shipping charges on any of it.

    It worked out very nicely.

  7. Coral said:

    I’ve done most of my shopping online, It looks like shopping online is easier to me. I don’t have to leave the comfort of my own home, I can compare prices by just clicking a button. And with web sites like iStorez its so easy to check all popular stores deals at one place.


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