What are the best black friday deals right now for HD tvs?

Im looking for a 40 inch, or 32 inch… preferably 40 what are the best deals? are more deals still going to come out?

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8 Responses to “What are the best black friday deals right now for HD tvs?”

  1. Ewok said:

    try walmart and target, but you usually have to kill people to get to them before they sell out, so bring a weapon

  2. jinX_205 said:

    Best Buy is probably your best bet. stay away from Target.

  3. PS said:

    I saw amazon.com start black friday deals now

  4. Alex said:

    Amazon have a great deals on HDTV, this is their black friday offers http://www.amazon.com/b/?node=384082011&tag=blackfriday_deals-20

  5. curtie2486 said:
  6. The Wild Man said:

    check yoour storers website
    Happy thanksgiving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmykFRHFUXU

  7. Rebecca said:

    just go to http://www.couponblog.net , they will keep you updated

  8. amber<3 said:


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