what store will have the best black friday deals ?

Has anyone found any good prices or door busters.

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5 Responses to “what store will have the best black friday deals ?”

  1. devyyon_cheerleader. said:


  2. kaycee said:

    JC penny
    Best Buy
    Circuit City

    just about everyone.. go online and look at their ads

  3. Ashley D said:

    best buy has good ones on cameras and tvs.

    EVERYWHERE has xbox 360s on sale, i am probably going to buy one

    as far as clothes are concerned, department stores are the only places that have sales on clothes, and this year im not overly impressed with the selections

  4. aef0506 said:

    40% off on Black Friday at http://www.shoplulia.com if you use offer code ‘FRIDAY40’ at checkout

  5. Hayden said:

    I’ve used this answer for 2 other questions. 🙂

    The major stores at the mall have the biggest blowout sales; Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenny, Sears, etc. with about 20-80% off maximum.

    Stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Hollister, AE, etc. most
    likely WILL have sales, but more near 10 to 40% off at maximum. The
    big stores aim at Thanksgiving sales, and the smaller stores aim at
    clearance and winter sales.

    Oh man. Black Friday is a killer… If you’re planning on going,
    go as EARLY as possible. When I got to the store last year, all the good
    stuff literally was just completely snatched by the earlier shoppers.
    You could probably find some shirts for 5 bucks a piece at AE if you come real early. Same with KOHL’S. Hey, they open at 4 a.m. this
    Friday, so here’s your chance! But yeah, Black Friday is totally
    worth it if you come at the right time. I’m not saying it won’t
    be a competition btwn. other early shoppers, because it will. If
    you THINK you like something, grab it in two sizes from the rack
    as fast as possible, even if there is no one around. You don’t
    want to take your time during Black Friday; you want to bargain

    Also, keep in mind that after x-mas sales are the BEST. You could
    get a shirt for like 2 bucks at Macy’s, and a fur winter jacket at
    Hollister for about 30 dollars that usually sells for 90. Best of luck,
    and happy shopping! :-).


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