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Ideas for a new years eve wedding and possible color schemes?

My fiance and I are planning on having a new years eve wedding, and have the reception go into the new year complete with fireworks and a party! What would be some good ideas for our wedding?

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4 Responses to “Ideas for a new years eve wedding and possible color schemes?”

  1. Erin said:

    That sounds like a really fun idea. Make it elegant by using colours like black, silver and white. Provide party favors to your guests to help you ring in the new year. I would pretty much think of new years parties you have been to and incorporate those ideas and then add a wedding touch to them.

    maybe check out this link too

  2. Kelly said:

    For that time of year pretty/classy colors would be a dark purple, silver, black, dark blue, etc.

    Good luck and congrats!

  3. Cammie said:

    It may already be too late to book for next year’s new year’s eve.
    I don’t know where you live but find out who already does fireworks.
    I was thinking of Vegas or Disney.
    For colors, choose classic new year’s eve colors as the ones Erin mentioned.

    Good luck.

  4. Anne W said:

    to be honest, i was a bridesmaid at a new years eve wedding and it was awful spending you new years at a wedding! so everyone invited must give up thier new years. also i heard it was bad luck, i think so this couple broke up within a year.


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