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What are some good game ideas for a New Year’s Eve party?

My family always has this New Year’s Eve party where we invite the rest of our family to celebrate the New Year… Even though we never really make it to 12:00. Hahah The party usually ends at about 10:00. The ages there range from about 4 to about 60+ and we have a couple games like bingo and people win prizes but it get old sometimes… Any ideas of different FAMILY games?

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3 Responses to “What are some good game ideas for a New Year’s Eve party?”

  1. bug said:

    beer chugging?
    for the lil kids u could have sparkling grape juice!

  2. vpmadison3680 said:

    Taboo is fun for the entire family, also what we do is dress up and sing our favorite song or do something the kids do a step routine, also we put on a play honoring the elders of the family and each person gives them a flower and say a kind word. Plenty of junk food and Champagne and grape or apple sparkling soda and the kids also enjoy have those plastic champagne glasses we put cherries in theirs. Tell stories jokes toast marshmallows laugh a bunch. Play music just have a ball and enjoy each other make fond memories for the children. Even let them make the snacks!!! Get party favorites and let the kids invite friends if there is not enough kids there ages.

    Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Insane Boy said:

    Dark Room 🙂


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