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Any ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with my teenage nieces?

I always have my four nieces spend the night on New Year’s Eve and we always count down the new year. I was wanting to do something extra fun this year and needed some ideas. My nieces range in ages from 10 to 16 and are all pretty mature for their ages. We will be celebrating at my home and I haven’t the slightest idea as to what to do for them that would be extra fun this year. Does anyone have any ideas?

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7 Responses to “Any ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with my teenage nieces?”

  1. L12354 said:

    well, you guys should definetly watch the ball drop on new years eve on ABC. It takes place at times square. I would suggest something like rentingsome good chick fliks from your local movie store

  2. =] just happy said:

    tell them that they can invite friends over, get some good music, or even hire a dj, let them have champagne…. oh, you could also ask them for ideas….

  3. Mrs. Cullen said:

    Obviously watch the ball drop, if it’s just you girls then maybe watch cool movies, maybe do take out or pizza. Girls at that age like pizza and junk food…….

  4. elfriede a♥ said:

    movies, party, stuff like that

  5. melieees said:

    The London fireworks are being shown on bbc 1 at 22:10pm

  6. polly123 said:

    Hm. If I were them, I would probably want to play a bunch of games. Such as Charades, board games, etc. You could even bake with them. Or if to do something totally different, take them cosmic bowling! Buy party stuff to make some noise when the bell strikes midnight! HAVE FUN!

  7. Insane Boy said:

    Play with her and listen her talking .. thats it


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