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where to find good deals for black friday?

where can i find good deals and ideas for black friday?

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4 Responses to “where to find good deals for black friday?”

  1. Charissa Cowart said:

    Hi Sam I Am!

    Are you as excited about Black Friday as I am? I can’t wait! 🙂 There are a few sites out there that post great BF deals. is a great website because it’s a service that lets you pay with cash online. They have a whole section about Black Friday deals – This is cool because they are posting ads on Thanksgiving Day and you can actually just shop online on Black Friday and get the same deals 🙂

    You can also check out some more generic sites that post ads every year for in store deals… like and

    Hope this helps! Have fun shopping 🙂

  2. Baby boy due March 7, 2010 said:

    I would look at walmart, target, best buy, some mall stores will have some good deals. Best thing to do is get you local paper usually the Sunday paper and they should have the black Friday deals. I’m not exactly sure when they come out but I do know they will tell you what they will be having on sale.

  3. divatodiefor23 said:

    There are several good sites online that will show you all of the Black Friday ads, sales, and deals before they are officially made public. That way you can plan all of your shopping ahead of time to score the best bargains. is one place you can look but there are several good ones out there.

  4. Ruben said:

    DUDE your just gonna get your ass trampled by crazy women that shop for late christmas and no i doubt your gonna find good deals anywhere bt if its worth dying for GOOD lUCK 🙂


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