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How do I find good Black Friday deals on i Pods?

I searched Google, but I don’t have a lot of experience searching shopping deals online 🙁 I’m lost!!

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3 Responses to “How do I find good Black Friday deals on i Pods?”

  1. 1st baby on the way! said:

    Go on

    It has all the black friday sales ads for chain stores like Walmart, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. You can see the ads before they come out in 2 days! I’ve been on there for hours! lol. Happy Shopping!

  2. RedFox said:

    Go to any of the sites of your favorite stores and everything will be there. Or get dressed and go to the mall and have fun with all the people running around.Happy Holidays.

  3. miss'n my mom said:

    You can find scans of advertisements and other information from major retailers on a variety of sites, like,, and, but my personal favorite Black Friday information source has been has a constantly updated page with uploaded scans of all major Black Friday ads.

    From yahoo news today


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