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What would be some awesome Christmas gifts to give to my girlfriend?

Our anniversary is the same day as Christmas, so we both decided to just get each other one gift, instead of two. So i thought of doing like oine and a half. I was thinking of taking her out somewhere, as a trick to think that was my real gift. but in the end i would give her something. but i want to get some ideas what that “something” is. So if you could help. That wouuld be great.

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9 Responses to “What would be some awesome Christmas gifts to give to my girlfriend?”

  1. panda said:

    What things does she like? Has she expressed any desire for particular things that she would like? Pay attention to anything she enjoys, wants, likes… that will give you some ideas

  2. meg red said:

    If she likes massages/mani-pedicures give a gift certificate.

    If she is really into a band/artist/sports team buy tickets to a concert near you.

    Kinky stuff for the bedroom if you guys are into that.

    DVD set(s) if she is into a certain TV show.

  3. heatherfacee said:

    The dinner can be the anniversary gift.
    and then get her a stocking. im serious EVERYONE loves stockings. and that can be the christmas gift.

    and put a few nice things in there.

    go through her make-up and buy her the make up brands she likes but BE CAREFUL it has to be the exact brand AND COLOUR! make sure if you do this you dont accidently buy brown eyeliner instead of black or common mistakes like that (thats what my dad does for my stepmom loll)
    or a necklace
    a gift card to get her nails done? (if shes into that, im not so much)
    usually at bookstores you can get cute coupon booklets (like I-owe-you’s) for around the house, or a sex coupon booklet where she chooses you on top or which position or in the shower..etc.
    maybe a nice framed picture of you two..
    i really dont know what shes into but im sure you do

  4. songsalieri said:

    Don’t look for the greatest gift-look for the gift that makes you think oh she should have that. different girls like different things but every girl loves to know you pay attention to what floats her personal boat. what would she want but not buy herself without making her worry about paying the bills tomorrow? good luck & thank you for making me smile by caring this much about what to do. romance is not dead!

  5. Chanel said:

    Well.. she’s a girl. Try getting her something she likes such a maybe a gift card to her favorite store.

  6. keneth said:

    Jewelry,always something a woman wants

  7. Dobre Ruxandra said:

    You can get her smth really original and sentimental that will remind her of you everytime she looks at it: a 100% hand-made painting from your favorite photo together. I’ve discovered this website that turns photos into beautiful hand-made paintings and the prices are really affordable too. Here’s the link: ..Good luck on finding the right gift!

  8. Bertha Nicholas said:

    a beautiful silk scarf would be a nice idea. It must be a very pleasant gift for your girlfriend.

  9. Kim Jong said:

    dimond ring ,or neckline ,,i think most women like diamond


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