What can we do for New Years Eve this year in the Los Angeles area that is low cost or free?

We are very late at planning our New Years Eve and wondered who in the Los Angeles area has any tips or ideas on what to do this year that is low cost or free that will be fun!

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6 Responses to “What can we do for New Years Eve this year in the Los Angeles area that is low cost or free?”

  1. motorcitysmadman said:
  2. iltmaemc said:

    stay at home and party. that way no one has to be the designated driver.

  3. Stormchaser said:

    Go to Albertson’s get a few party trays, party favors, invite friends and family over champagne, turn on the tele and watch the rest of the world go nuts. If fireworks are allowed, do it yourself! Avoid DUI checkpoints.

  4. kalliope said:

    Okay, you go by the name Airforce 1 Engineer, so drop $170 and take your lady to the Orange County New Year’s Eve concert. You are sure to have an incredibly memorable time, but if you are really looking for low cost or free, then stay at home with a nice bottle of champagne and watch the year in review on the news. I say live it up and click on the link below.

  5. abenezer scrooge said:

    how about starting a riot, burning some cars and things like that, wont cost you anything and is great fun

  6. paper.tiger said:

    I’d definitely say a house party is the best free/cheap New Years option. So ask around to see which of your friends are hosting, or organize your own!

    As for going out, I know that the bars/clubs Akbar, The Cha Cha Lounge, and Mountain Bar (with RSVP) all have free cover on New Years. Of course, drinks cost money like anywhere else.

    Or you could rock it out 80s hair metal style at the Key Club, where Metal Skool is playing. Tickets are only $40, which is a relative bargain for a New Years Eve concert.

    Also Harry O’s is having some sort of New Years blowout with free food, and a free champagne toast at midnight. Cover is $10-20.


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