why do ppl call Christmas “Xmas”????

i’ve been wondering…thanks!


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5 Responses to “xmas??????????????????”

  1. NAN said:

    Its short and X is a Christian symbol.

  2. Jayy said:

    because x is like a cross. chris cross. hahaha yu get it??

  3. cellophane_gwen said:

    Well: .Χριστός is Greek for Christ so that’s why they took the X and call it X-mas.

  4. nora said:

    same thing

  5. John V said:

    It originated from the greek letter “chi” which looks like an X. It represented a “k” sound like that at the start of the word “Christmas”.

    read more about it at: http://linguisticszone.blogspot.com/2007/12/xmas.html


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