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How can i get a xmas job in London playing Santa?

I’ve just graduated from uni and am looking for a slightly different Xmas job! I’ve played Santa before at kids Xmas parties in hospitals and university halls and would like to continue doing so! I’m based in London and have a police CRB check. I do not have my own costume unfortuantely 🙁 All help gratefully received!

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2 Responses to “How can i get a xmas job in London playing Santa?”

  1. tumbleweed1954 said:

    Call employment agencies.

  2. Dawn said:

    Call around to local malls, hospitals, and maybe even city hall. Ask them if they are hiring a Santa for the holidays. Also, you could call employment agencies. They may be your best bet. You could even run an ad in your local paper, advertising that you would like to play Santa for their business. You probably need to purchase a Santa suit. I would look in the “want ads” of the local paper, and call consignment shops, to see if you can find a good deal on a Santa suit. Good Luck!


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