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Why do so many people have to get drunk on New Year’s Eve?

What a way to start the New Year with a hang over, not to mention all of the stupid things they will regret when they get sober.

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11 Responses to “Why do so many people have to get drunk on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. brebz said:

    cuz ppl use at as an excuse to get drunk and get loose lol

  2. zdlaup said:

    I have wondered about that too. What happened to drinking Hawaiian Punch and eating potato chips and playing Pin the Donkey?

  3. emmyduckie said:

    Because it’s fun.

    Now I never get stupid drunk, and I don’t get hangovers, but I will finish off a bottle of champagne on New Years Eve.

  4. Millertron said:

    Because it’s something to celebrate. And beer = good. Fair play to you if you’re not a drinker, but a lot of people are. The good times had whilst drunk outweigh the bad ones once sober again.

  5. sid said:

    they start there new years having fun……………….

  6. candi o said:

    they do it so i will drive them home. mother funkers.

  7. Killertiel said:

    Because they are d*mn fools who think that the purpose of New Year’s Eve is to get sloshed.

    A lot of people who don’t normally drink, or are abstemious when it comes to alcohol, knock back the hooch – especially the champagne – on New Year’s. Because of this, cops and other emergency personnel call this time of year Amateur Night. I have never gone to a New Year’s party but I didn’t see at least a couple “blue light specials” along the way. I have also seen the aftermath of two very nasty accidents, on separate occasions, while driving to a party.

    It’s OK to drink on New Year’s Eve, as long as you do so responsibly. Know your limit. Space your drinks. And if you are really concerned, make your one drink of the night the midnight champagne toast to the brand-new year.

  8. ex dirty stripper said:


  9. Lucky 7 said:

    They don’t know how to celebrate in moderation!!!
    Usually the younger generation!!!!!
    We’ve all been there done that!

  10. slickcut said:

    I am so happy you brought this up…I don,t understand it either…I can understand maybe one drink, people think they have to get sloppy drunk and act like fools to have a good time…People do very stupid things when drunk,they make idiots out of themselves plus they have to lay in bed all day to get over a hangover….

  11. somebody said:

    not everybody who gets drunk acts a fool and regrets things the day after (i only do so half of the time) also i never have hangovers so there is no real reason not for me to celebrate with some alcohol. BESIDES last year i had to work on january first at 6am so this year i am making the most of my new years. it is a time to celebrate and that’s what i plan on doing. somewhere, somehow. but i will not be drinking and driving. 222-TAXI.


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