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Who has a New Year’s epic ride story to share?

I was planning on doing a long road ride to get some base miles in, but lately I’ve been feeling a little burned out on the road. Instead, I did 3 hours on my single-speed mountain bike on some very hilly trails. Had to push it up a couple of hills, but between the scenery, descents, single-track, deer – it was the perfect way to start the new year. Did anyone else have any good rides they did on New Year’s?

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5 Responses to “Who has a New Year’s epic ride story to share?”

  1. McG said :

    14 degrees. 30 mph winds with gusts to 40. Snow.

    I rode! Well, it was in my garage on my trainer, looking at horizontal snow falling. Very pretty outside when looking out.

  2. stonewall39 said :

    well i ride bmx and i went to this indoor skatepark and i went thinking that it would be warm inside but for somereason they opened all of the windows and doors when there were 60mph winds snow and it was about 3 degrees outside not including wind chill and so i ended up riding with my snowboarding coat on and its pretty tough to do barspins with a jacket on. i dont know if this is what youre looking for but its my story

  3. M R said :

    Tell me if this is epic. A few years ago I decided to make a NY day ride every year; all was fine for 4 years. If fact last year it was 40+ degrees and no snow a beauty day. This year, I woke up to 13″ of great packing snow here in MI. Luckily my neighbor let me use his snow blower or I’d still be out there shoveling…

    Anyhoo, at 5pm, just before dark (I waited for the cars to mash down the snow all day) I took my bike out with much determination, looking forward to my annual duty to myself and my country. A short 3/4 of a mile around the sub is considered an official ride. Well, I was off to a great start the 1st 100 feet was great. Confidence was high, I was flying… from my garage to the street. (snow blower did a great job) I made a left, I could have made a right but I didn’t… the pedaling got tough. I looked back, thinking my kids may be shagging off the back of my mighty steed. To my dismay, that wasn’t the case. As I looked ahead again, I saw my front wheel buried in what looked like a glacier of semi hard-packed snow as far as the eye could see. Not willing to give up, I rose off my saddle, fully bearing down on one pedal, then the next… I was moving! I had found a snaking tire track though the sea of snow. My joy was cut short by a quick end to my narrow hard-pack path. Another impenetrable ridge of hard, crusty snow stopped me dead in my tracks. I jumped off, threw my trusty bike into the next tire path, rode a mere 30 feet and was stopped again. I stood in the middle of the road and looked the at the next 300 yards to the curve in the road. All I saw was many failures to come. I paused a few moments contemplating my dilemma. I slowly turned around and walked my bike back to my driveway and road slowly into my garage. Disappointed, I looked at my two children and their young friends playing in their snow fort. I parked my mighty steed… we then all built a snowman in the front yard, the 1st of the year.

  4. B S said :

    One of my clubs was determined to ride and I joined them. In South Texas winds of 30 miles and 32 degree windchill is extreme. We had a sag and a couple of people I didn’t expect to bail did so, but I kept on churning even though my back was screaming because I had pushed too hard with the fast guys at the beginning of the ride. I was the caboose and that’s ok ‘cuz I worked my tail off a hilly ride wth blistering wind on the way to Boerne. Thanks for asking!

  5. DIFFO said :

    Manchester,yorkshire dales,forest of bowland,back to Manchester.
    Road bike
    17.45 HRS
    2-9 Degrees
    14.10 HRS
    Yes but definetly not in the winter


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