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How much should I charge for babysitting on New Year’s Eve?

I’m a 24 year old very experienced babysitter in a large city. A family I sit for wants to go to NYC for New Year’s Eve, and needs me to sit overnight. I normally charge $13/hour for this family with an extra flat fee for overnight. In order to babysit for this family, I would have to give up my own plans for the night… how much extra should I charge for New Year’s Eve babysitting?

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6 Responses to “How much should I charge for babysitting on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. imababe_84 said :

    time and a half 🙂

  2. eleven thousand dollars said :

    eleven thousand dollars

  3. keiko said :

    Technically the 1st of Jan is a holiday. Sounds like double pay. ( thats what I got when I worked at Universal Studios on that day). Charge $20 an hour and ask them to leave you money for pizza.

  4. C.W. said :

    I agree. Time and a half.
    A good point to bring up that might help would be that employers normally pay “time and a half” during the holidays.
    I would let them know that I’ve put aside special plans to accommodate them.
    Agencies who provide this type of help will even pay time and a half for the holidays.
    I hope this helps,
    Good luck.
    PS. On another note, personal assistants get paid bonuses and are well compensated for this.

  5. deshonat26 said :

    Its babysitting…I would not charge anything else. She could always go with someone else. New Years Eve is not the biggest holiday. If it was Christmas or Thanksgiving that would be different. I would not charge more and would not expect more.

    I know a lot of people will thumb me down for what I just said. But it is how I see it. If you have plans don’t do it…You can always say no.

    I guess for me, I do not do much on New Years Eve. It’s dangerous with all the drunk drivers and I rather be home. Most of the time I am all ready asleep any ways. Yeah a new year. I love to think about the past year about how amazing it was. And how this year will be even better. Maybe make a cake but that is it. No need to go all out


    charge more!

    But no matter what

    I hope you have a great end of 2007 and an even more amazing 2008

  6. KMS said :

    Time and a half sounds fair. I would explain that you would be giving up on plans with your friends, and since it is a holiday you would ask for a little extra. BUT..if you have watched the kids on other holidays and NOT charged extra..well, you would have to go with your usual price.


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