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What’s the difference between American christmas cake and European christmas cake?

I need help for my essay. What is the difference between American christmas cake and European christmas cake? Is there any differences? what about Asia? please help me out!!

thanks in advance.

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8 Responses to “What’s the difference between American christmas cake and European christmas cake?”

  1. Snowie said:

    Rum and cognac.

  2. cooliobean13 said:

    Lol, christmas cake?

  3. Lawyer said:

    Come on now, You know we most pass on our Christmas cake. And they eat theres Ha Ha.

  4. Tyler said:
  5. •kawaii_me• said:

    christmas cake?
    the only kind of cake that we have here in america, during christmas time is fruitcake. To which, if you ask, majority of people don’t like. If given as a gift, it is usually re-gifted or used as a door stop.

  6. Allen said:

    unless it’s a cooking class, i believe it’s a cultural thing, for example i live in south Texas and have never heard of Christmas cake, i suggest showing a dichotomy between European Christmas and American Christmas (personally i would put an emphasis on American commercialism) don’t know how well this answer helps but good luck on your essay 🙂

  7. Sweet n Sour said:

    I think it’s called fruitcake, and nobody really eats it or bakes it anymore, although I notice Hostess still makes a few little loaves of it for the people over the age of 65. It’s always been hard as a rock here in the USA.

    In Europe, it started out as more of a christmas pudding, and they added fruits to it.

    “A couple of centuries ago, it all started with a sort of porridge which was supposed to be eaten after the day of fasting on Christmas Eve (or Vigil, as it was then called). To make it a richer experience on the occasion, dried fruits, spices and honey were put in after some time and these made it so stiff that the revelers would tie it in a cloth and dunk it into boiling water, starting the tradition of a boiled Christmas pudding with spices, nuts, fruits and whatnots.”?

  8. Jerry 71 said:

    When I was your age, there was no internet to help with school essays. You will have to do your own research, but here are some subjects to help you do a net search:

    US: fruitcake
    pumpkin pie
    mince pie

    UK: fruitcake

    France: Buche de Noel (yule log– delicious cake filled with hazelnut filling and covered with buttercream or whipped cream and decorated with candy elves and Pere Noel)

    Germany/Italy: Stollen

    Europeans are not a monolithic group of ppl and each country has different traditions

    Asia: no long tradition of celebrating Christmas (except among Christians there who mostly go to church; ex-pats from the US and Europe celebrate as they do in the US and Europe). BTW, at an office party (in the US), I noticed that the ppl who are actually from Asia (not the Asian-Americans born in the US) do not seem to like chocolate and all of the chocolate flavored items were untouched by them.


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