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whats the difference between thanksgiving and christmas cactus?

i thought i had christmas cactus but someone told me it was really thanksgiving cactus. how do they know it was thanksgiving when it says on the tag that its christmas cactus?

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6 Responses to “whats the difference between thanksgiving and christmas cactus?”

  1. ltonyasfun said:

    the only difference is that the ones purchased around thanksgiving are called thanksgiving cactus and the ones purchased around christmas are called christmas cactus.

  2. Wizard's Living Grimoire said:

    Easter Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis Gaertneri) has no teeth on the leaves. They also got bristles that are usually on the end of the leaves or at certain spots along the sides of the leaves.

    Thanksgiving Cactus (Zygocactus Truncata) has sharp teeth on the leaves.

    Christmas Cactus (Zygocactus Bridgesii) has ’rounded’ teeth on the leaves.

    When it comes to the names, it can get quite confusing. For example, ‘Rhipsalidopsis Gaertneri’ can also be under ‘Hatiora Gaertneri’.

    Also, I don’t know when the change happened but all are also listed as ‘Schlumbergera’. For example, ‘Schlumbergera Gaertneri’, ‘Schlumbergera Truncata’, and ‘Schlumbergera Bridgesii’.

    Also, another name you’ll see is ‘Schlumbergera x buckleyi’ for the ‘true’ christmas cactus.

    A lot of people mistake Thanksgiving Cactus as Christmas Cactus because they’re usually forced into bloom around Christmas time and calling them “Christmas Cactus” is better than “Thanksgiving Cactus”.

    Another way of knowing if you have Thanksgiving Cactus is if your bloom pushes upward. Christmas Cactus blooms don’t bend upwards. They just hang down.

    Easter Cactus blooms are much different than that of Thanksgiving Cactus and Christmas Cactus.

    Here is a link that has incredible information as well as very informative images on how to identify what holiday cactus you have:

  3. vicky o said:

    Depends on when it blooms.

  4. littlepinkshell said:

    I guess it depends on what you celebrate: (lol)plants are not that discerning – they are non- religious too .The common Zygocactus referred to as “Christmas'” cactus is like the poinsettia plant . here in So California. The poinsettia can bloom outdoors in the spring. and my “Christmas” cactus blooms for me again as an “Easter” cactus The key is how many hours of darkness you expose the plant to- so you may note the “equinoxes” of winter and spring that trigger the bloom period.. They don’t tolerate drying out too much , nor do they like drafts , otherwise , indoors you can celebrate any holiday you want for this great little jungle cactus . You can regulate the light exposure and have it be any bloom season you want . Have fun experimenting – I love my non- denominational zygocactus!

  5. reynwater said:

    Agree with VickiO, bloom time = plant name

  6. Teisha Gals said:

    sometimes it just feels good though


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