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What would be your ideal way to spend New Year’s Eve?

What are different and fun things to do on New Year’s? If you could do anything when the clock strikes midnight what would it be? Be creative!

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8 Responses to “What would be your ideal way to spend New Year’s Eve?”

  1. GoldbergFan4life said:

    F*** New YEAR & f*C* YOU!!!!

  2. creede55 said:

    if i could do anything, i would empty a 30 round clip from my AR-15 into the air at midnight

  3. Q-Pac said:

    Spend time with ur friends thats creative enough

  4. Amanda M said:

    I spent this New Year’s Eve with my husband and grandparents. We watched Dick Clark do his final countdown. At first I was disappointed that I wasn’t at a party, but in reality, this may be one of those memories with my family that I am most thankful for.

    I suppose that any time with my family is ideal despite the occasion, or lack thereof.

  5. Amber T said:

    Call my friends at midnight see if there awake, not get shot

  6. scruffycat said:

    I like to stay home and know that all my loved ones are staying home. Watch tv, watch the local station cover the local downtown celebration..
    Tell everyone in house, “Happy New Year,” then go to bed, shortly afterward.

  7. Insane Boy said:

    With my friends

  8. wondering said:

    I did a radio show and at midnight I said ‘Happy New Year everybody’ over the air. Then I played some New Years music.


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