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What should I cook for new year party ?

I will invite some of my friends (around 7) for this new year party. I think about to buy some chicken to grill it together and cook spaghetti aglio – olio. Is there any other food should I buy or cook ?

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6 Responses to “What should I cook for new year party ?”

  1. maiya said :

    black eyed peas is supposed to be good luck for the year

  2. SHINE! said :

    A prime rib roast is very popular on any occasion and especially popular for new years.

    Hope I helped

  3. TX2step said :

    I’d forget the spaghetti (unless you want to make a pasta salad); and just grill chicken and steaks. A big green salad … fruit salad … double-baked potatoes … rolls & butter. Have dishes of nuts, candy around to snack on …. Get (or make) a cake or cheesecake, and have a platter of cookies, brownies too…… You might want to have a cheese & cracker or veggie/dip platter for snacks too ……

  4. mamaflutey said :

    Shrimp is always a hit here

  5. princess_83 said :

    Think “hor dourves”
    Make small appetizers b/c a meal will be too heavy for those who plan on drinking it up during the New Year.
    Try a ham or chicken salad with gourmet crackers….pigs in a blanket…mini quiches, make a spinach dip and hollow out the middle of a rye bread loaf. Put dip in middle of bread loaf and the insides of bread around the loaf platter. Add Ritz and buttery Tollhouse crackers. You can also try bacon-wrapped grilled asparagus or cheddar cheese dip with steamed broccoli & cauliflower. Leave an empty bowl for the used toothpicks so people aren’t leaving them everywhere. Put a few in the bowl so people get the idea. Serve the asparagus with fresh cherry tomatoes on the vine and on the same platter as asparagus.Also have random bowls of mixed roasted nuts or popcorn (cheddar/caramel…)with a bowl of pretzels.

    If u want to throw a dinner party, u should have an X-mas party this week b/c people want to party on new years, not go to a dinner get together……

  6. Judy T said :

    Crab Pasta Bake

    8 oz spiral pasta
    ½ lb fresh mushrooms
    Some garlic powder
    ½ c butter
    16 oz crab
    ½ c sour cream
    2 tsp salt
    1-½ tsp dried basil
    1-½ c shredded cheese
    1 large onion

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

    Cook pasta according to package instructions. Clean mushrooms. Dice onions. Saute both in butter.

    Mix all ingredients together except for shredded cheese. Spread in a 13×9 pan. Sprinkle cheese on top. Bake for 30 minutes.


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